Ship Conversions services

Leveraging our ship building and ship repair expertise, ADSB offers design, engineering, manufacturing and implementation of all types of ship conversion projects. Our teams carry out projects of all sizes and types for military and commercial customers at our Class LR- and Class BV-certified facilities and state-of-the-art drydock.

From modifications, refits and upgrades to meet new mission, compliance or technology requirements, to complete structural redesign and transformations, our customers benefit from exceptional quality and craftsmanship, timely delivery, and cost-effective pricing

Small Boat Construction (SBC) Capabilities


Our expertise in small and luxury boat building is informed by our broader vessel manufacturing capabilities. We provide:

  • Composite lamination/infusion and hand lay-up of multiple materials, including fibre, Kevlar, and carbon-fibre, applied in boat building, repairs, upgrade, and conversions
  • Multiple service and refit solutions for military, commercial, and luxury boats
  • State-of-the-art composite and outfitting hangars
  • High skilled resources
  • Class LR- and Class BV-certified facility and building processes
  • Small, medium, and large production line capability
  • Exceptional quality control
  • In-house/partnership engineering and design capabilities
Major Ship Conversion Projects


  • For ETIMAD, SBC and a third party converted a yacht design into a high-speed crew boat. The conversion of multiple vessels was successfully accomplished in a production-line process
  • In conjunction with the customer CICPA, SBC converted a fishing boat design into a military pursuit vessel
  • For an Abu Dhabi VVIP, SBC completed the conversion of a 40-seater high-speed ferry into a VIP water taxi used in UAE territorial waters
  • For CICPA, SBC converted an existing mould used for building wheelhouses into a sea-house used in-island by CICPA
  • For the Bahrain Coast Guard, a major refit was completed on a 14-metre unit and 20-metre unit
  • SBC participated in the interior conversion of LC Zarkoh
  • SBC completed a major refit/conversion of the engine room and technical areas of the 67-metre Pearl
  • SBC completed a major refit/conversion of the hydraulic system and MEP systems on the 47-metre MY Sarah
military and commercial ship conversion


A boat, ship, yacht or vessel conversion often is an attractive alternative to building a new platform, and Europe is the world leader in conversions. However, due to the limited available drydock, high cost of labour, and other factors, some of the conversion market is likely to migrate to Middle Eastern and Asian shipyards.

With a state-of-the-art shipyard and multiple drydock solutions such as synchro-lift and travel-lift, ADSB can develop a strategy to capture some of this new business by serving as a principle hub for conversions in the UAE and MENA regions.

ADSB could implement conversions such as:

  • Commercial platforms into luxury yachts
  • Retired military vessels into advanced high-tech platforms
  • Conventional fuel systems platforms into innovative hybrid propulsions, LNG, electric or nuclear marine propulsion systems
  • Conventional barges into high-performance, multi-purpose platforms, such as accommodation platforms
  • Conventional boats into multi-purpose offshore platforms
  • Obsolete platforms into advanced high-tech platforms
  • Non-complying vessels with up-to-date maritime/class rules into upgraded platforms
  • Conventional house/hospital/restaurant boats into advanced high-tech platforms
  • Cruise ships into more efficient and advanced high-tech platforms