Fabrication Facilities


The steel and aluminium fabrication facilities at ADSB are fitted with modern machinery and equipment and are supported by skilled technicians and engineers. These facilities use the latest 3D modelling techniques to construct modular units with advanced outfitting. A 5,000m2 storage area accommodates high-capacity equipment such as profile cutting machines and overhead cranes.

Small Boat Construction (SBC)


Our Small Boat Construction division manufactures landing crafts, high-speed interceptors, and immediate support vessels for customers from the GCC and beyond. This division also operates a state-of-the-art composite boat-building facility. Spread across 9,000m2, it can construct and repair composite vessels up to 30 metres in length.

Mechanical Workshop


The mechanical workshop offers specialist repair, refurbishment, and maintenance solutions for a range of equipment to ensure rapid turnaround, efficiency, and quality. The workshop is well-equipped to carry out the repair and overhauling of main and auxiliary engines, bow thrusters, various types of propulsion systems, rudders, hydraulic machinery, valves, pumps, coolers and heaters.

Piping Workshop


Our piping workshop offers services such as profile cutting, pipe bending and fitting, and welding procedures. It houses the latest automated equipment for indoor prefabrication before transferring to vessels for installation. Other equipment includes:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Pallet lifters
  • Blasting machines
  • Pedestal grinding machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Thread cutting equipment
  • Hydraulic pipe bending facilities
  • Speed cutter


The workshop also features seven 500kg wall-mounted jib cranes, a weld fume extraction system, testing bays, and a hydro-test area.

Electrical Workshop


High-quality workmanship at ADSB’s electrical workshop provides comprehensive services, including:

  • Troubleshooting and repair of motors and generators
  • Lighting systems
  • Power systems (AC & DC)
  • Switchboards
  • Control systems and panels


The calibration laboratory at the workshop can repair various types of metres including multi-metres, clamp metres, panel metres, isolation metres, and pyrometers.

Outfitting Workshop


Our outfitting workshop provides services that range from minor refurbishments to major refits. Every job reflects excellent customer-focused project management. The carpentry, sheet metal, and insulation units under the workshop are capable of handling the outfitting needs of all vessels.

Hull Treatment


We offer a diverse range of hull treatment operations as per our clients’ requirements. Our shipyards are equipped with environmentally friendly hydro-blasting robots and grit-blasting machines to carry out hull treatments.

The shipyards regularly take up extensive tank coating and surface preparation functions. Additionally, they also cater to underwater, main decks, engine rooms, funnels, masts, chain lockers, anchors and chains, and antifouling coating services. We monitor quality at every stage to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout.