Baynunah Class Corvette warship


The Baynunah Class Corvette is a unique class of warship with multi-mission capabilities, including coastal patrol and surveillance, mine detection and avoidance, helicopter operations, and anti-air and anti-surface capabilities – and all with the latest in weapons and sensor technology.

The vessels are fitted with a state-of-the-art combat management system that provides control over all major onboard weapon systems.

NAVAL Ship Building Company


Our Offshore Patrol Vessels are comprised of 65m to 70m Axe Bow Deep V bottom, high-speed vessels that can carry 42 personnel and an onboard helicopter. These vessels are capable of carrying out multi-mission operations, including:

  • Patrolling and reconnaissance missions and border monitoring
  • Securing critical maritime infrastructure
  • Air defence missions at sea
  • Enforcement of local and international maritime law
  • Anti-piracy tasks at seas
  • Acting as the command vessel
  • Participation in joint operations with armed forces
  • Participation in search and rescue missions


The Ghannatha Class Fast Missile Boats are high-speed, multi-role combat vessels. They may be used in the task force as a single unit, or in non-combat operations. This quality makes them pivotal in missile-attack mission coordinating roles, as well as in enabling interoperability with other ships and shore centres. Their 2 MTU main engines drive 2 Rolls-Royce FF 600 waterjets at a speed of 45 knots, making them suitable for search and rescue, surveillance and control of sea lanes, and pollution control.

Special mission vessels

Fast Supply Vessel


The vessel’s design is based on the Swedish Navy’s specification for the Fast Vessel used to transport vehicles and equipment. The hydraulically operated bow door allows access for vehicles of ‘Hummer’ size.

Fast Troop Carrier


The Fast Troop Carrier is designed for high manoeuvrability at all speeds and shallow water operations. The main mission of this vessel is to deploy troops directly onto a beachhead via a hydraulically operated bow ramp.

The vessel design is based on the Swedish Navy’s and UAE Navy’s Fast Troop Carrier design with amendments required to meet the Medium Range Patrol Boat operational requirement. Its twin MTU diesel engines, coupled with Rolls Royce FF550 waterjets, give it a top speed of over 35 knots. It can serve as a missile boat, gunboat, and mortar boat.

Assault Boats


Assault Boats feature a heavy-duty, high-impact, all-weather, polymer-covered solid foam collar, state-of-the-art navigation/communication equipment, and two gun mounts for 360-degree coverage. The high-speed (50 knots), 9.5m aluminium assault boats built at our shipyard provide effective coastline interception and policing.



We engineer highly complex naval ships with integrated weapon combat systems. These vessels are primarily designed for littoral operations against air and surface threats, as well as patrol tasks, coast guard, law enforcement, electronic search missions, fishery, and exclusive economic zone protection. 
Our range includes: 

  • Corvette class vessels
  • Missile strike craft 
  • Fast patrol boats
  • Landing craft and logistic support ships
  • High-speed troop carriers, interceptors, and assault Boats

Landing Crafts

Sea Keeper


Built on the proven Sea Keeper specifications, this vessel is powered by twin marine diesel engines. These engines drive water jet propulsion units and provide speeds of over 40 knots in light conditions and 30 knots with 4 tonnes of deck cargo. It also can achieve an operational range of 325 nautical miles at cruising speed. A hull tunnel ‘vent system’ also provides improved speed and fuel consumption.

WARSHIP Builders


The 42 Metre Landing Craft has been built by ADSB at its Abu Dhabi facility in compliance with all naval standards. The heavy-duty steel construction and cargo deck layout make it ideally suited for deploying vehicles, troops, equipment, fuel, and water.

The bow ramp, designed for use during amphibious operations, allows for the quick exit of vehicles and personnel on to beach areas. The vessel also provides fully air-conditioned accommodation for 15 people.